The Royal Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland) says the issue involving President Edgar Lungu’s plans to build a mansion at Nkonyeni is a private matter.

Government Spokesman Percy Simelane was quoted by Times of Swaziland newspaper reluctantly saying that the purchase of land to build a family house for President Lungu is a private issue.

This in fact just wrong. If this were a normal sized house in his home town it may well be, however what the eSwatini spokesperson Percy Simelane seems to ignore is the sheet cost of this project.

As Open Zambia reported yesterday, President Lungu declared a meager K2.5 million, however one year into his Presidency in 2016 he declared K23 million worth of assets. A leap which cannot be accounted for by his ‘formal’ salary.

This property has cost a huge $3.6 million. Whilst he is in office he is duty bound to explain where this money came from and be fully transparent with the process.



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