PF Milanzi Constituency Member of Parliament Melesiana Phiri

(Smart Eagles )

PF Milanzi Constituency Member of Parliament Melesiana Phiri has described as not inspiring, the speech presented to parliament by President Hakainde Hichilema.

She observed that the speech lacked focus and time lines on most issues of national importance.

Ms Phiri who seconded the motion of thanks in parliament today, also delivered her maiden speech after her election as Member of Parliament for Milanzi constituency in the just ended general elections.

“Madam Speaker, failure by the president to acknowledge the strong infrastructure development foundation left by the Patriotic Front administration. For example transport infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and airports will be key to the United party for National Development administration’s vision of building a strong economy”. she said

She further wondered how the president missed an opportunity in parliament to categorically condemn political violence that led to the loss of life of the PF North Western provincial chairman Jackson Kungo on the poll day.

The Milanzi parliamentarian thanked the people of Milanzi for voting for her and pledged to represent the constituency by lobbying for development for her constituency in the education, health, road, water and agricultural sectors among others.


  1. Excuse you!!! Can you compare HH s speach with your president s mumbling with lots of raised black salute fists? Your ears were biased to hear the things that HH spoke about. Why should he give a time frame? HH is not going to go full speed and do things in a hurry that will cause consequences. Also do not misuse freedom of speach. If it were PF you would have said nothing.

  2. Forgive her she is pf and you know how it is with our colleagues. She is only inspired with the former party that failed the people. That’s how she feels so let her enjoy that.


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