The stipulated letter of discipline against Dr. Calcius Banda by the UPND President Mr Hakainde Hichilema makes sobering of the mind to all especially those that love to see unity in diversity in our political parties of our country and especially where we have known that such a leadership are united in matters of the nation.

From what has emerged in the media recently in the past few weeks concerning Dr. Banda as one of the top leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND), surely we all have been wondering what is going on, not only around Dr. Banda but his current relationship with his political party and why are such growing allegations have been hipped on him that he is seeking a job with the PF leadership. Such growing and open allegations must have been treated with the urgency they deserve by the party leadership and Dr. Banda himself in particular must have taken proper time to inform and explain to the nation his clear position in definite terms of what was surrounding him and where he stood as not only a party member of the UNPD but also as a vice president of the party incharge of politics. The position he holds in the party which is likely to form government is a very high and sensitive position to ignore the innuendos going on around him has therefore a duty to clear the minds of the Zambians and particularly his party members, his fellow executive leadership of where he stood.

Loyalty is a cornerstone of every great organisation, be it business, club, political party or Church. Therefore, with the stipulated letter coming from the party president of UPND Mr Hichilema, we feel Dr. Banda should have picked up the phone to call his boss and seek appointment to meet him so that he can exonerate himself from the allegations labeled against him and his name. Dr. Banda has a good name among the Zambian people and this should have made him NOT to answer his boss in the manner the media has reported by expressing his displeasure against his boss through the media, but rather he should have called Mr Hichilema to meet him and explain his position, which was going to help Mr Hichilema to know how to answer not only the party leadership and individuals in the party, but also help him to explain to the nation the known position of the allegations against Dr. Banda and it is not too late to do so.

IFCC President


  1. At the moment,with a dysfunctional media, it has become extremely difficult to know which is which. We have reached a point where we have to verify every report. The national broadcaster is pathetic, private media also have their own polarised way if reporting, it’s confusing. We have become so petty and full of mediocrity as a country.

  2. You are saying CB was to call HH for an appointment than responding through the media, but who brought it on the social media?what goes around comes around.

  3. Sorry to say both HH and Banda have acted childishly.
    They are both speaking to each other through the press which is very unfortunate

  4. banda has done the right thing because the boss has not done well to give letters to media before sitting with him.he is sidelined and the gbm is the one brought closer fearing the bemba empire.needs power at all costs.he will never have it because he has no regard for others he is selfish


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