Chitatu Chilufya
Chitatu Chilufya


ZAMBIA Medical Association strongly condemns public insinuations and proclamations regarding alleged faking of COVID 19 results.

As an Association, we will stand by members of the medical profession, regardless of their current standing in society, including the current Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya. We find unsubstantiated public accusations that Dr. Chilufya, a member of the Zambia Medical Association, with the aid of other medical professionals, faked his COVID 19 results, as a slap in the face of the medical profession.

We, as a medical profession pride ourselves of being the custodian of medical procedures and processes, and pitch medical ethics very high in our practice. All doctors work under strict medical ethics, breaching of which can result in dire consequences. The COVID 19 medical response is being led by very experienced, internationally acclaimed public health experts and clinical specialists who are members of the Zambia Medical Association. It is extremely unfair to put the reputations of these noble medical practitioners into disrepute.

We ask all well meaning members of the general public to treat insinuations of faked COVID 19 results with the contempt they deserve.

Finally, we wish all frontline health care workers infected with COVID 19 in the line of duty, as well as other infected citizens, a quick recovery.

Together, we will fight and win COVID 19.

Dr. Samson Chisele
Zambia Medical Association.

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  1. Either one is an idiot or is eating with the thieves. Even a nursery School going child can know why certain tricks have been made.

  2. Comment: It is you who is not an idiot but a very low grade imbecile practicing the UPND politics which oppose anything including the BILL OF RIGHTS that can benefit them. But today are the ones complaining of their rights being abused.

  3. Comment: You are not only an idiot but a very low grade imbecile practicing the UPND politics which opposes anything including the Bill of rights but complain of their rights being abused.


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