Priest panel beater visits court

AFTER events of last Sunday in which he shot to notorious stardom for landing a flurry of jabs, uppercuts and painful right hooks on the lips of his priest, Renard Mwale, a 62- year-old senior citizen of Lusaka’s Kalingalinga today appeared before the Lusaka Magistrates Court for allocation of his case to a Magistrate.

In this matter, Mwale is reported to have unleashed Mayweather-style pummelling on his hapless Priest Borniface Baleni right at the pulpit of Kalingalinga’s Anglican Church causing the clergyman’s facial structure to be re-arranged from the original design by the Almighty. The brutal takedown caused parishoners to scamper in all directions leaving the Clergyman, Priest Borniface Baleni to face the music alone.

After his daring commando-style raid on the Anglican Church pulpit; Mwale went into hiding only to resurface early in the week and handed himself over to police who today arraigned him before court to answer to the charge of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

However, the senior pugilist is yet to take plea as his case was today only allocated to Magistrate Judy Chiyaika.

Eyewitness reports claim that Mwale sanctioned the boxing bout with his priest after he was unhappy that the priest continued preaching the Good News instead of holding church elections to elect new leadership to handle the impasse over land on which the church’s car park is.




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