This is what he said yesterday during Prime TV evening NEWS. The ka man lacks analytical skills. He must learn logic.

1. That there was nothing like Lozi tribe in the olden days
2. Lozi is just a small tribe which should not have a say over other tribes in western province.

3. He recommended that in fact the government should be very tough on the lozis and their BRE so that they can have respect over other tribes in the region

4. He said the BRE operates in the more manners as the colonialists

5. Hence, other tribes should install their chiefs without interference of the BRE

6. BRE should not install and impose Chiefs in other people’ s tribe in Western Province.
BWD’ s comment;

Kennedy Limwanya needs Barotseland Citizen strong response with caution never to comment on matters of Barotseland with the ignorance he exhibited on TV. Very useless! The ka man has disgraced even high profile TV Station.

Barotseland Citizens must reprimand and teach him on the issue of Barotseland not the imaginary Zambian history cooked by KK.

Lozis are very humble and peaceful people. They will react next year.

By Sibela Kekelwa
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  1. Am not Lozi, but I certainly donnot agree with Kennedy Limwanya on the Barosteland issue. I understand his personal opinion, since he’s Nkoya. But personal opinion should not form news analysis on any given item in the news. I tend to agree with the author of the article, which is that Kennedy is not a good news analyst. A news analyst gives an indepth critical insight on a news item. This requires a proper and correct understanding of the item. Kennedy, I would suggest you attend lessons from the Mark Simuwe School of News Analysis.


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