This is Princess Matauka Inyambo Yeta who is the daughter to his Royal highness Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta who is incharge of Sesheke, Mwandi and Mulobezi districts of Barotseland.

In 1990s she throw herself in Zambezi river at the bridge in Sesheke and she stayed for almost good 3 days in water. She was the most loved granddaughter by his majesty the Litunga late Ilute yeta IV.

The Litunga kept and protected her water for good 3 days. Zambia commando water marine did the Searching but failed find her. She only come out from the river smart, beautiful and with a lovely smile. She is still the person that everyone gives respect and talk about in Barotseland.


  1. …there is a God, the Almighty who should be talked of not this kafyiti ka muntu….how people can even post this to praise dark forces baffles me…


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