Margaret Mwanakatwe

Cabinet is yet to table the issue of whether an inquiry into the privatization of Zambian assets can be instituted or not.
Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe says at the point the institution of this inquiry has been discussed and decided upon in Cabinet, it will be made public.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe says the nation will be informed of the opening of this inquiry through the government spokesperson at an appropriate time.

In an interview with Q-News Mrs. Mwanakatwe has however declined to state whether or not the inquest into the transfer of control of national enterprises is part of the Cabinet agenda items.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe says Cabinet issues are confidential matters that cannot be discussed through the media.

He states that, as Minister of Finance, she will therefore not discuss Cabinet matters through the media whether such matters have been discussed or are scheduled for discussion.

The Minister of Finance says she can only discuss a tabled or scheduled to be tabled matter if Cabinet agrees that such a matter be put in public domain.

She says she is, in this case, unable to also state whether or not an inquiry into the privatization of Zambian assets will in future be an agenda item in Cabinet.


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