Zambia’s most accurate Prophet Stepherd M Mesala has been vindicated once again after he gave a prophecy in January 2019 that Banks will shut down its operations in Zambia and South Africa.

Prophet Stepherd M Mesala also stated that he was seeing alot of Bankers and Bank Employees being sent home without any money a situation that will make then jobless.

The man of God had advised people working in Banks to pray for themselves because it was going to be hard for them after their respective work places shuts down their operation.

Just like it is a trend in Zambia, many started insulting Prophet Sheperd M Mesala charging that he was just an attention seeker who was a pure magician.

But true to his prophecies, Zambia’s cavmont Bank and Barclays Bank have started shutting down its operations in Zambia.

In South Africa, Barclays Bank has so far closed over 110 branches in diffrent cities.

Prophet Stepherd M Mesala warned that the Banks that are going to shut down will not reopen again.

Meanwhile Prophet Stepherd M Mesala says hundreds of people are still going to be laid off employement from Banks.

“Only the wise can understand the prophecy , ask the prophets of the old they will tell you what they went through”.

In January 2019, Prophet Stepherd M Mesala said this ” Ia see a bank is about to close four branches even more in Zambia. I’m also seeing people going home empty handed. South africa also is on the list. Banks will shut down its operations in Parts of these respective cities” he said.

Yesterday 23 th june 2019 , cavomont gave a notice of closing four branches according to the memo circulated but obtained by Zambian Watch.


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