Healing Word Ministries International Bishop Moses Chiluba says Zambians who listen to prophesies by Seer 1 are sick.

Pastor Chiluba says Americans are united and cannot allow foreigners such as Seer 1 to speak ill about their country and it’s leadership even when President Donald Trump has been impeached.

He says Zambians have been waiting for Seer 1 terrible prophesies about President Edgar Lungu wishing him ill motives which excites some Zambians.

Pastor Chiluba has since urged Zambians to defend President Lungu and the Republic of Zambia.

He says President Lungu will live to complete his Mission as President of the Republic of Zambia.

The Bishop has since prayed that God crushes evil spirits such as those by Seer 1.

He also says the world will emerge stronger after the coronavirus pandemic because nothing can wipe out the world



  1. It’s you that is sick cause even the bible that has earn you a name of bishop has rules and law, if you break one you would have broken everything, this idiot ECL is abrogating the laws of the land zambia
    So both of you are fools one not needed near the manual of life and the other has to be far from instruments of power.

  2. Is it not the PF leaders themselves who were consulting Seer1? Seer1 is a conman. He has his own country Nigeria which needs his so-called prophecies.

  3. Not even mentioning a simple verse these fake bishopsin zambia.He had nothing to say the fake bishop.He is calling the wife,more than the way he is calling called.

  4. Leave politics to politicians and focus on saving the lifes of people who are lost. This is the mistake most pastors are doing nowadays. Wanting to be talking about politics.

  5. Bishop Chiluba is on point – lets be sincere and down to earth – even if your parents can be that bad it’s foolish of you to clap when they are being insulted by a foreigner – even God has said when he is chastening a sinner and you’re enjoying it busy loughing and clapping, His anger will turn on you –

  6. I find most of what Seer 1saying to be true. I hope Pastor Chiluba could point out the bad things or sickening things that Seer 1 says. I hope that this is not on of those things where men of the color find it difficult to accommodate divergent views.

  7. Fake frustrated pastor why don’t you just say that your church is being fed by PF . U need money just be precise. Hope seer1 has heard you and you need to apologise your stupid prophesy. You are worried because once PF is no more u will be hungry Baum shanina bwali.

  8. I agree with you that seer 1 is a fake prophet. I also at the same time agree that even this chiluba is a fake pastor. Both are in this game for money.

  9. It is the idiotic response by idiots like you Chiluba which is sickening, especially that it is motivated by your selfishness to fill your stupid tummy while the majority Zambians are wallowing in abject poverty.

    A wrong is a wrong regardless of who commits it. Are you Chiluba not aware that that Lungu abrogated the constitution by keeping Ministers in office illegally, and by not handing over power to the speaker when there was a petition? How about shielding the criminals like the murderers in police uniforms and erring ministers? The list is long for this space.

    It is idiots like you Chiluba who are destroying the future of Zambia by choosing to deliberately maintaining a blind eye to the wrongs for your own selfish ends.

  10. Bishop Chiluba needs to complete the building of his church which has been incomplete for years despite umuntulu! We listen to what Seer 1 is saying and not who he is.

  11. Paster Chi Chiluba respect yourself you idiot son of Satan. Pretending to be godly but eating with lumped, thieves and the corrupt. I can’t believe these words are uttered by your foul mouth. Chinkote but can’t leave the job at the television station for the young ones. We respected you but little did we know that you survive not by God but by plundered money from the thieves in PF. What a man of God, idiot. If you eat well with that stolen money, you think everyone else eats well. What kind of a Paster are you who condoms the evil propagated by the state against your own flock. Or are you too mentally crap to see that the poverty afflicting your flock is created by the same thieves you dine with. Idiot. Hypocrite, Satan. Wanya. We will make sure your television station is our first target come the riots of August 13 2021.

  12. Ba Pastor Chiluba evil spirits cannot be crushed; they are just commanded to depart from a person or place. And it is not true that “nothing can wipe out the world” because this world had a beginning in creation; thus God the Creator can bring it to an end!! Whatever you perceive is sustained in existence by God or derives its existence from God. If God decides, and He can decide because He is supremely sovereign, to stop granting creation its existential potency, that will be its end. STOP HOWLING LIES BECAUSE OF UNNECESSARY SENTIMENTALITY. BE CALM AND SERENE AS BEFITS A MAN OF GOD.

  13. Uli chipuba sana iwee Fake pastor chiluba. Bakandile ba pente babufi. Just eat the brown envelope with five hands. Napo ni ka chennel ka tv akupela. Useless pastor.

  14. Am with you pastor Chiluba… Most of these Zambians who list to there gold father seer1 who vomits money from his tummy, support him because some are already enjoying his supernatural vomited money so that’s why there are supporters of magic, how can an outsider come into your country and start declaring evil against your country and you are busy saying he his right, but zoona ubupuba no ubushilu has no medicine for real. These are the some people plotting accidents all over our country as there ritual benefits and some Zambians are busy supporting and the saddest thing is that, some opposition members are the ones in front supporting the magician, so pity,….. because even though you may have an opportunity to be in power don’t think you are special that the magician won’t speak ill about you.. Lets read the word of God and stop listening to magicians.. Leadership comes from God not from gold fathers..

  15. what is terrible is thinking of the current leadership for the next five years, Kampyongo, lusambo,Nkandu, Lubinda, Lungu etc for the next five years, aah it is fefe vuvu what ever it means

  16. I agree with those who think that Pastor Chiluba is not truly a man of God. I true man of God would truly pray for Seer 1 if he felt he was doing something that is not right. He was also going to be praying for the evil and hardship in our country to end.


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