Prophet Bushiri


A Malawian born now based in South Africa Founder of ECG Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has declared Zambia’s Largest Opposition Leader Hakainde Hichilema winner of the 2021 General Elections.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri also asked his congregants to Pray for the UPND Leader because the task ahead of him is much bigger and challenging.


During a live televised sunday Service on the ECG channel monitored by Zambian Watch, Prophet Bushiri stated that God has allowed Hichilema to help the people of Zambia.

The Flamboyant Prophet who has made a name worldwide says Hichilema is unstopable in 2021 for their is huge favour for him from God.


Prophet Bushiri indicated that it was time for Zambians to recieve Gods blessings for a leader as he has heard alot of cries.

“I kept on seeing this figure of a person! Zambia you are blessed. This figure of a man is has been shown yo me many times! I asked God what he wanted me to do with this man and God said, tell him, he is the choosen one”


“His name is Hichilema and he has been choosen by God himself after he heard alot of cries from that country. God is putting Hichilema in 2021 and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Hichilema will be President” declared Prophet Bushiri.

And Bushiri asked his congregants to Pray for Hichilema who is Leader of the Largest Political Party in Zambia.


“Can you all stand up and pray for this man(Hichilema). He has a huge task ahead of him. He is going to help many people once he is on that throne. Pray for him to have wisdom and take Zambia to a blessed land. God is putting his own now” he said.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch



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