Harry Kalaba with Bushiri

EMBATTLED South African based Prophet Shepard Bushiri allegedly hoodwinked a Zambian politician into resigning from a senior government position believing that it was his pathway to State House, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) leader Wright Musoma has insisted.

Mr Musoma said that the prophet had refuted having been involved in any criminal activities.

He told the Daily Nation that in as much as Prophet Bushiri had not been found guilty of any criminality in the South African courts, accusations of mentoring a Zambian politician should not be ruled out.

Mr Musoma insisted that the prophet hoodwinked a well known local politician, saying that the former senior government official would not have given up his position without assurances a greener pasture.

“You see, when we said that Bushiri had influenced a Zambian politician, he refused. It’s the same way he refuted the allegations of being involved in criminal activities. So let’s see where his case is going but Zambians should not forget what we said because this might vindicate us,” he said.

When asked whether he really believed Prophet Bushiri influenced a Zambian politician to resign, Mr Musoma said “he influenced him, prophesised that is what needed to be done for him to become President”.

Earlier, Prophet Bushiri had refuted Mr Musoma’s claims, saying that he had not enticed any politician to do anything.

“I did not entice any Zambian politician to do anything or resign from his position,” he said.


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