Prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo who died in a car accident in 2015 has resurrected from the dead.

According to his official facebook posting, Prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo says he was killed by a Nigerian Prophet now a Zambian Prophet Andrew Anointed popularly known as Seer 1.

The posting clearly state that Prophet Seer 1 killed Emmanuel Nyirongo in 2015 and he has come back to ensure that Seer 1 pays back.

Nyirongo who was spotted with ECG Founder Prophet Shepard Bushiri says he is very alive and will be in Zambia to finish his mission and issue with seer 1.

In 2015 during his death, seer 1 broke into tears charging that Prophet Nyirongo was his spiritual father.


  1. How do people know that Jesus resurrected when it’s only written down , just the way this article was written down by Zambian observer…. you refuse to believe the story from this article yet you are willing to believe a story in the bible that was also written down , the only difference it was written two thousand years ago

    Can anyone prove to me they have seen Jesus, since he is believed to hve resurrected,

  2. Just look at the quality of that pic, one can clearly tell that it’s old one meaning the reporter and the source of this information is doubtful! Am telling u this for the last tym stop mocking God for his wrath is so powerful. It will begin with these magician’s private planes!!!!!


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