” God cannot do anything except He reveals first to his servants the Prophets “(Amos 3:7) My name is Prophet lsaac Amata from Nigeria. Those who say..” Prophet lsaac Amata.. Instead of sending your urgent messages to the president of Zambia on social media.. Why not go to him in person?”

My response is here today..”ALL OFFICIAL PATH to the president has been shut down by snakes and scorpions around his Excellency! Those bent on his downfall! Those out protecting their own self interest..not that of Zambia! Some using charms and dark means! Today November 28,2018 l heard the Lord say….”Tell EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU OF ZAMBIA… I gave you a divine mission… I put you on the seat of power in 2016…Beware! Wrong advisers are at work …your administration is being undermined! TIME IS TICKING!” In 2016 l under divine commission was sent ahead to Zambia with a specific mission… “Tell his Excellency… Be weary of some who will want to hijack your administration… frustrate God’s mission through you”

I was privileged to have been at state house lounge.. My name on the official waiting list confirmed to meet the president ” Suddenly lt was aborted! LISTEN! In that lounge l saw a beast with two horns at the east wing of statehouse.. THAT BEAST SPIRITUALLY IS STILL THERE! This force has been at war with past Presidents that stepped into power! In 2017 l was sent again to his Excellency after the ist blockade by a hidden cabal bent on hiding the truth about the declining situation in Zambia. The Lord sent me saying…. “Tell EDGAR LUNGU… fire is coming into the ruling party…if not handled it will lead to splitting of party into fragments.. IT WILL WEAKEN THE ADMINISTRATION.” Again some within blocked… message aborted… Splitting and confusion beginning! In 2018 l was sent for the 3rd time November 2018 saying… “Tell the president flush out the Green snakes in green grass in your administration for soon they will lead you wrongly… Cripple you from within AND JUMP SHIP AHEAD OF 2021!” This is at work now!

Today the Lord revealed the current decline at work in the Zambia economy is both spiritual and physical! The attack from the east wing in statehouse and the hidden cabal within blocking all access to fruitful advice and internal sabotage ahead of 2021. I saw the list of total change the president has prepared but charms, incantations and spiritual blindness at work! PRAY FOR EDGAR LUNGU OF ZAMBIA… PRAY FOR GOD TO REDEEM HIS ADMINISTRATION from the hands of evil groups! God is with him…God chose him! BUT INTERNAL SPIRITUAL BATTLES crippling his administration!… This indecision is spiritual! I saw a strong war coming in 2020 against him…l SAW TRUSTED ONES TURNING AGAINST HIM AHEAD OF 2021….BEWARNED your Excellency… I have passed today what was not permitted by some to tell you in person though l tried 3 times and through the right channels!….”THE AGENDA TO BLIND YOU FROM THE TRUTH IS REAL..you have some snakes within your administration… they pretend to be with you but are not!…. ..TIME FOR DECISION!…. TIME IS TICKING!”..




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