Prophet Isaac Amata Writes To President – Elect, Edgar Lungu And Zambia.. “The Lord Is Already Fighting Your Battle!….You Are A Winner!


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This is my third official open letter to the incumbent, Edgar lungu.. His excellency and president of Zambia.

I personally want to officially congratulate you on your victory on August 11, 2016. May God strengthen you for the next 5 years to come. I see a transformation happening through you for Zambia ahead. To Zambia congratulations!

I am not oblivious to the fact that some have said l should keep silent over Zambia.. Let me clarify.. For those who know me l only obey the voice of God not the voice, criticism or attacks of man.. I am focused! Your excellency.. God said l tell you today August 22,2016 that you should fear not.. He is with you! He gave you the victory on August 11, 2016… No obstacle shall stand before you. .. Not even petition! Who can battle with the Lord? “The Lord is a man of war.. The Lord is his name” (Exodus 15:2) Sir many attribute my inclination towards you as money based and l replied.. ‘YOU DON’T FULFIL PROPHECY WITH MONEY.. ONLY GOD BRINGS PROPHECY TO PASS “

Sir while in Pakistan for 12days revival meetings precisely August 9,2016 l was visited by God and showed your victory at the elections, l saw violence and wanton destruction eruption following to destrupt.. This violence and destruction has begun! I saw the ongoing petition against your victory and I saw the petition thrown out for lack of merit… I also saw your inauguration ceremony.. The largest ever coming.. It was green green green everywhere! Nothing can stop it.. It is irreversible! Thus far all what God showed me on August 9,2016 has come to pass! It confirms it was not my vision.. Not my message but God’s.. ALL GLORY TO HIM! Your excellency way back March 25,2016 I had my first encounter from God specifically about you.. I was showed that you have many enemies within and outside.. I saw you discouraged.. You wanted to give up and the Lord said. “This is my chosen one.. He has much battles now and in the future but victory for him is sure!” Your mandate now is to stand strong unshaken.. God is with you! Unite Zambia as you have always done..

You have a mandate to make Zambia the Dubai of Africa and I saw it coming to pass.. To all ZAMBIANS.. Do not be agitated.. It is prophecy being fulfilled! The victory of August 11, 2016.. The rejection.. The petition.. Etc was spoken of ahead so that Zambians will not panic or fear but trust in God and pray, fast and praise HIM knowing HE GOD is in control of Zambia and when GOD SAYS YES NO ONE CAN SAY NO! ZAMBIA FOR JESUS!… I repeat let prayers at all levels intensify.. Forces are bent for diversion and instability but prayers will counteract! Prayers will stop those bent on bringing Zambia to a halt but will fail! The battle over Zambia is spiritual not physical! Share to all Zambians on Facebook and whatsap..

I remain God’s humble servant fulfilling my assignment as a prophet to the nations.. And this includes Zambia.. No apologies to any man and will not silenced by any! God used me for South Africa in 2015 ahead of the xenophobic attacks while I was in South Africa.. Used me for Uganda before the elections.. We alerted! God intervened! Even the rescue of the 2 chibok girls Amina And Sarah in May 1st, 2016 first time since 2014.. We will keep doing God’s mission!… Just vessels in God’s hands… When God’s servant speaks the wise listens… See the full version prophecy message of my August 9,2016 prophecy to Zambia on my Facebook page.. Prophet Isaac Amata prophecies.. Whatsap prophet :+2348034546147.. ALL GLORY ALONE TO JESUS



  1. What animal is this which fails to tell the nigerian army where the chibok girls are and concetrates mor on zambian elections. Stay away frm this u bogus prophets and allow the concourt to do its job. Let the god ov elijah intervene in this.

  2. He is not a prophet of doom. He is not even a prophet. He is a cheat. Magaya type of false utterrances. Tell him to shut up that idiot. Lungu does not need that kind of nonsense to assume leadership of amaighty Zambia. He got the people’s mandate and he will do his job perfectly. Opposition leaders can have their time in court its not a crime to do that.The Judiciary can withold their affirmation, its a matter of being cautious and judicious.Lungu will eventually rule because thats his job at the moment. He can always wait and they can always dismiss the PEtition by the opposition and Lungu will extend his five year term by the number of days consumed unnecessarily by the Court Application. Viva Lungu

  3. It takes the spirit of God to say what is to come and if his not a prophet of God it will not come to pass,,,let as not make Gods anger be upon ourlives because of lack of not say bad things about Gods chosen because he will visit our sins even napabana besu ,,, becareful people,God is not man that he can tell lies, his faith to his word ,,, read psalm 105:15 do not touch o harm my servants (Gods word) so if you are fighting men of God you are fighting God ,,,, Noah lintu alelanda balikene , when Jesus was on earth balekana ,,, be careful amenso yabantu tetiyatupusushe bamwine


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