Prophet Jay Israel who claims to have died and risen again after fasting for over 35 days has disclosed the secrets surrounding the spiritual power of wristbands and anointing oil that most prophets use.

The Zimbabwean born televangelist, while revealing where most of the prophets get the power for wristbands and anointing oil being sold by almost each and every prosperous gospel church, issued a stern warning for those using these materials..

Israel who is based in South Africa’s East London made the revelations in a clip that he shared on his official YouTube Channel.

The Spirit Life Church leader disclosed that the wristbands and anointing oil that prophets and churches sell do not have any divine power to bring miracles.

“We sell wristbands for fundraising purposes. Relying on anointing oil and wristbands or calendars with the face of your prophet will not bring salvation” he told his congregation.

Prophet Israel comes from a sangoma lineage which he says is the reason he does not use his family’s name.

“I decided to change my name so I can disassociate myself with everything that has to do with my family and their generational curses.”

Prophet Israel made headlines when he claimed to have risen from the dead after fasting for close to 35 days.

“I was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. On the 34th or 35th day, I died completely. I was declared dead” he has been quoted by some local online publications in Zimbabwe.

He claims to have gone to heaven during during the period he was dead.




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