“Salvation is not free”, he said.

Zimbabwean Prophet Walter Magaya has defended his latest move of charging $500 (K5,300) to each person wanting to sit on his annointed chairs saying salvation is not free.

The prophet admitted charging K5,300 to each congregant wanting to sit on the annointed chair in his church saying people who pay that knd of money will have 10 times such amount of money in 5 months. He said after payiing that $500, the congregants are free to go with the chair to their various homes and it will continue being a magical chair upto to 5 years, and that by that time, the person will be ten times richer.

Thousands of people regardless wether they are saved or not have been flocking to Prophet Magaya’s church in Zimbabwe inorder to sit on the annointed chair and pay $500 to him inorder to get 10 times rich within 5 years.



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