Zambian Flamboyant Prophet Shepherd M Mesala has said it is cheap and attention seeking for anyone to claim that ECG Founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will die in December.

Reacting to a video that has gone viral on Social Media both in South Africa, United States, Malawi and Zimbabwe that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is dying this December, Prophet Stepherd M Mesala says it was cheap attention seeking.

On Sunday, Leader of Kingdom Embassy church, Prophet Passion Java, who grabbed headlines several years ago when he flighted an advert in the press claiming that he was the only prophet who could “prophesy” anyone’s date of birth and ID number has sensationally claimed that he has seen a vision of a Malawian born based in South Africa Prophet Shepherd Bushiri dying in December.

“I am still praying for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri but I saw him dying in the month of December. It’s all in my book, if you have not downloaded it, its called ‘I have already told you’. I prophesied what will happen January to December. There are things that I reversed for January.” He is heard saying in the sunday live service video.

But Zambian Prophet Shepherd M Mesala has rubbished the claims charging that only enemies of God can wish Bushiri dead.

He said God can not take away Bushiri’s life yet because he has touched on so many people and lives.

Prophet Shepherd M Mesala says the Prophetic Message by Passion Java will never come to pass.

“As a true ordained man of God, i can assure people in different countries who are panicking that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is also my brother in the lord is not dying as claimed by a Zimbabwean born now based in US Prophet Passion Java. God does not work like that to his people” he said.

“Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has more things to do. After December, people will know that actually Prophet Passion Java is a false Prophet who just want fame and popularity” he said.



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