Zambias celebrated Prophet Stephered M Mesala with his colleagues in the Ministry of God Prophet Bushiri and Uebert Angel have released a 2019 prophecy for Zambia and Zimbabwe.

According to the prophecy shared to Zambian Watch, Prophet Stephered M Mesala says former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe will die because his time is over on earth.

The prophet says it time for people of Zimbabwe to pray because there are alot of things that will follow after the death of Robert Mugabe.

Meanwhile a Zambian born prophet who was in london recently with Prophet Bushiri and Eubert Angel says he is seeing Hakainde Hichilema being trapped by the diologue being spearheaded by the church mother bodies and ZCID.

Prophet Stephered M Mesala says Hakainde Hichilema will be betrayed by his alliance partners if he does not open his eyes now.

“When I was praying, I saw in the realm of the spirit that Hakainde Hichilema will be betrayed by his alliance partners. Many are loyal to the Patriotic Front. But God has informed me to tell Mr. Hichilema to forget about the alliance, and go flat out to campaign for himself for 2021. I have seen people who are loyal and genuiwine support Mr. Hichilema. Let Mr. Kambwili the NDC consultants work with Mr. Hichilema because he is also destined to rule Zambia after Hichilema. Mr. Kambwili must listen to this advise. Also the PAC President Andford Banda, let him work with the Opposition, there is something big coming his way” he said.

Meanwhile Prophet Stephered M Mesala says despite being declared eligible to contest the 2021 elections,President Edgar Lungu must not participate in the 2021 General Elections because he will be Embarrassed.

“President Edgar Lungu must leave now, he has been declared eligible to contest the 2021 General election, but he must leave when people are still clapping. He must not stand because he will be Embarrassed. Many of the people in PF are not with him. He is alone and there is no way he can win in 202. There is prison after his presidency. Let him leave now” he stated.

For this prophecy confirmation, You can get in touch with Prophet Stepherd M Mesala on WhatsApp or call on number on +260954689538


  1. Fake prophesy . Mugabe will die . Yes he will die like everybody else will die . There is no prophesy there .

    After Mugabe dies alot will happen in Zimbabwe . Yes the old man ruled Zimbabwe for so long and ompscted the Zim society . His death will obviously have an impact . Again no prophesy there .
    There absolutely no prophesy on Zambian politics . It is just a normal analysis on the events surrounding the so called opposition alliance and the time leading to 2021 .


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