Zambias born Prophet Stepherd Mesala has asked Infrastructure and Developement Minister Ronald Chitotela to immediately apologise to God and the seventh day Adventist church for stepping on their chitenge meterial.

And the Prophet has warned a Nigerian born Prophet Isaac Amata that he must sober up because his prophesies are not inspired by God.

The prophet whose many prophesies have come to pass says God is angry with the Minister and he might fall from grace to disgrace if he does not apologize.

Prophet Stephered M Mesala says the Minister needs agent prayers because he is seeing serious falling from his ministerial position if he does not apologize to the church.

He has urged politicians not to mock the church and his people because he has the capacity to put everyone where he is supposed to be.

“I want to talk to my brother, the Minister of Infrastructure and Developement Ronald Chitotela that he must apologise to the church. His behaviour is uncalled for. That behaviour symbolises that he is above God. Let him humble himself and apologise before God reacts. He has been given an opportunity to apologise to the church aswell SDA Members. ” he stated.

Meanwhile Prophet Stephered M Mesala has warned a Nigerian born Prophet Isaac Amata that he must stop alarming the nation with fake prophesies.

Prophet Stephered M Mesala says the prophecy made by a Nigerian born Isaac Amata that leader of the Opposition Hakainde Hichilema will die before 2021 is not true.

Mesala says there is no prophecy that is inspired by God that can threaten someone life. He says men of God must desist from politicizing prophecies.

“I want to also take this opportunity to talk to my brother in the Ministry, Prophet Isaac Amata. God has a message for You,sober up and stop mixing prophecies with politics. Your prophecies have potential to cause civil unrest in the country and that is not how God works. God is a very organised and peaceful God. He loves everyone and as a man of God, preach love and peace. ” he said.

“Many of your prophecies have not come to pass, you prophecied that Zambia was going to be a Dubai in Africa before the end of 2018, that must give you enough reasons to seek God’s guidance and forgiveness again. It’s never too late. You can pray with me because God still loves you” he said

For those of you who doubt the prophecies by Prophet Stepherd Mesala please contact him on WhatsApp on ± 260954689538.




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