LAGOS-(MaraviPost)-On 6 October 2019 Mr Kelvin Pogo, a Nigerian based in the UK, was at The SCOAN for prayers.

During Prophet TB Joshua’s ministration in that service, he laid an anointed hand on Kelvin and told him he would like to see him after the service.

During the ministration, the man of God had also referred to a document in Kelvin’s possession.

However, because Kelvin’s flight to London was very close, he had failed to wait after the service so he could see Prophet TB Joshua.

When the man of God asked for Kelvin to be brought before him, church officials could not locate him, since he had already taken his leave.

A few weeks later, right there in London, Kelvin’s face was bathed in acid by his girlfriend while he slept, during the early hours of the day.

As the doctors battled to save him, fears were expressed that he might lose his sight.

The past week Kelvin immediately, invited a friend to take his picture and send it to The SCOAN so that prayers could be offered for him.

According to Kelvin, his condition began to improve shortly afterwards.

For every surgery that Kelvin underwent, he had the medical team put an anointed SCOAN sticker around him.

To the glory of God, Kelvin has now recovered from the acid attack, with only his facial scars as a reminder of the incident.

He advised people to endeavour to act on any prophetic word that they receive from God’s servant TB Joshua.


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