Reports that Prophet Uebert Angel with the original name Hubert Mudzanire. A Zimbabwean prophet using the name Major, has foretold the death of an African president soon have raised debate in many African countries including Zimbabwe where ageing presidents are still in power.

Prophet Uebert Angel, whose prophecies have often come to pass, reportedly made the shocking prophecy during a cross over service to the new year this week.

Uebert Angel is the founder and prophet of Spirit Embassy a Pentecostal ministry in Zimbabwe. Spirit Ministry was founded in 2007 and attracted numerous followers through Uebert Angel’s claims to prophecy and to have the power to heal. He is now based in the United Kingdom.

Angel, who commands a large following in the United Kingdom and beyond, said 2017 African leader would die and many Hollywood stars are destined for death this year. In the last year 2016 a lot of famous faces were gone from Gorge Michael and Carrie Fisher to Price and David Bowie.

He failed to hint on the location of the leader, leaving wild guesses to fly around.

Prophet angel is said to have predicted the death of the first president of autonomous region of Bougainville, so he has a record of predictions that came to pass.

A lot of people have spoken about Mugabe health which has been very outstanding and he still stands up to date.



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