Sakwiba Sikota


Lusaka ~ Wed, 13 Oct 2021

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu, who had welcomed the opportunity to clear his name in court following his arrest last month on theft and money laundering charges, was unable to start his defence yesterday.

The prosecutors were unavailable at court to start the prosecution process, a scenario that left Mr Milingo’s defence lawyers led by Sakwiba Sikota, of Central Chambers, unimpressed.

Mr Milingo, who was appointed KCM provisional liquidator in May 2019, was arrested last month by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) who accused him of engaging in theft involving K110.4 million and US$250,000 between May 22, 2019 and August 15, 2021 as well as obtaining money by false pretences amounting to US$2.2 million.

Magistrate Makalicha confirmed that he had not had sight of the indictment or court record for Mr Lungu.

“The matter is not before court,” he said. “I am not even aware [about it].”

One of the public prosecutors, Stuyvesant Malambo, informed the court that one of his colleagues handling the case told him that the State was ready.

“It’s a pity, it appears the State does not know what to do,” Mr Sikota said. “We will follow them up, it’s unfair on the part of the accused.”

– Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Diggers reported that the docket is missing and you a spin on it. You can see how the gang of criminals have come together. You just have to look at their lawyers and you will know the true story. That’s why the prosecutors who were getting double salaries should be dismissed because they are compromised. If their salaries are docked they can start living on dockets by destroying them in exchange for cash from criminals. Haimbe please clean up. Get ride of the corrupt prosecutors. We don’t need them.

  2. They always walk away freeeeeee!!!!!. with the popular nolle .
    This is Africa (TIA)
    You are using the same judges, prosecutors,DEC investigator’s what do you expect????.



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