HH and GBM Laughing

A Parallel Voter Tabulation being conducted by various stakeholders indicate that opposition United Party For National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has won Zambia’s 2016 presidential elections in the first round after polling 3,356,725 of the total votes representing 50.05% against his closest rival Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front (PF) who polled 3,295,347 representing 49.05% of the votes.

It is however not yet official as the custodian that mans elections in Zambia The Electoral Commision of Zambia has not yet started announcing results despite having Constituencies which are less than 5KM concluding counting of ballot papers ealier than 21 hrs Thursday night.

Below are the results from the 10 provinces compiled by various stake holders via Parrallel Voter Tabulation (PVT).

1. LSK PROV- ECL 570,852 HH 537,272

2. CB PROV- ECL 556,656 HH 488,237

3. SOUTHERN- ECL 72,906 HH 729,069

4. EASTERN PROV- ECL 620,711 HH 147,418

5. CENTRAL PROV- ECL 288,957 HH 346,748

6. NORTHERN- ECL 362,196 HH 189,456

7. LUAPULA PROV- ECL 357,326 HH 148,035

8. WESTERN PROV- ECL 94,794 HH 399,132

9. NORTH WESTERN- ECL 72,103 HH 324,465

10. MUCHINGA PROV- ECL 296,846 HH 48,892

However, a swing is anticipated after [su_quote cite=”disclosed the source.”]the Electoral body was ordered not to announce any results this morning and afternoon after a meeting with His Excellency around 11hrs[/su_quote]



  1. what is PVT,should be the first Q? as the name suggets “parallel” meaning everything from PVT is parallel to factual! mwebantu reports PVT Indicates LUNGU is winning and now THE ZAMBIAN OBSERVER are paralleling HH is winning?

  2. I wil also post my OWN PVT whch wl show that the Greens Party of Sinkamba is headed for a landslide victory wit 76% while the rest shares 24% ! Kaili yasanguka ni Comedy nomba

  3. The best media to talk about elections result is the neutral one. Zambian observers are like ZNBC so stop misleading us. I have never said anything positive about pf just like ZNBC to upnd

  4. This dullness of the waste kind. How do someone accumulate 3m votes when vote turn out is less than 50 percent on average

  5. Each one of us is entitled to our intelligence. Look at Lusaka for instance: Total valid votes for both ECL and HH = 1,108,124 with 1,119,318 as the total number of registered voters. How can this be? more than 98.9% turnout rate. Common guys!!

  6. This is pracctically imposible if u look at this :

    CHOICE REGISTER STATISTICS Certified 2016 Register of Voters The current Register of Voters certified on 31st
    July, 2016 has a total of 6,698,372 voters. The breakdown of the number of voters per province
    by gender is shown below: NO PROVINCE MALE FEMALE SUB-TOTAL 1 CENTRAL 325,792 316,335 642,127 2 COPPERBELT 558,033 476,515 1,034,548 3 EASTERN 360,315 415,574 775,889 4 LUAPULA 242,143 268,324 510,467 5 LUSAKA 597,024 522,294 1,119,318 6 MUCHINGA 167,487 181,744 349,231 7 NORTHERN 268,279 288,946 557,225 8 NORTH WESTERN 199,346 201,229 400,575 9 SOUTHERN 387,889 422,188 810,077 10 WESTERN 219,129 279,786 498,915 TOTALS 3,325,437 3,372,935 6,698,372

  7. This is what am talking about pvt shows the truth since it was formed upnd we are will or even the president can’t take it to release the powers

  8. Ask OP officers nd thy will tel u coz thy knw exactly wat is on de ground. People ar tired of violence nd we do not wnt a dictator type of leadership of trying 2 get led of whorever opposess u. Ths is t century nd nt Kaundas time. V isionless lungu shud knw Mr kakoma sir,make sure use dat pvt i like de move.for hw long ar we going to b intimidated by these fools,nt anymore.pliz upnd members make sure pa 11 august sick or not tikavote we remove dis useless government of a visionless man chagwa spoiler lungu.i miss my sista hildah malama.upnd go go we need some pressure pressure viva HH viva upnd members.


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