Brian Mushimba

Minister of Higher Education Dr. Brian Mushimba has announced that universities will open on 8 June and TEVET institutions on 1 July to allow students in their final year sit for their examinations.

Squatting has been abolished to meet social distance requirements in the COVID 19 era. Visitation to learning institutions has also been abolished by government to prevent the spread of COVID 19 in learning institutions.

Students will be required to buy their own masks, hand sanitizers and soap. Foreign students will continue with e-learning and write their examinations online.

Non graduating students will continue with e-learning until further notice. Surveying of cases in collaboration with other relevant institutions will be done to monitor compliance to COVID 19 guidelines. The cautious approach to reopening will be reviewed to ensure students are not put in harm’s way.

TEVET assessments and examinations for April will held in July and July and December assessments and examinations will be combined in December.

The reopening applies to both private and public learning institutions in the country. The learning institutions will be granted certificates to reopen by relevant government institutions to ensure appropriate preventative measures are adhered to across the country.











  1. Where are the donations, which people donated to buy masks all ppes? Give masks to schools, universities, colleges you evil people.

  2. Writing exams online? Please employers don’t employ graduates of 2020. Most of them will have passed fraudulently as it is very easy to pass exams online.


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