Macdonald Chipenzi

By  McDonald Chipenzi


This is why the impeachment motion must be restored and debated.

How can a President Sworn to protect and defend the Constitution today claim that, instead of the Constitutional title of President, be CALLED PRESIDENT GENERAL?

Is this not a violation and breach of the constitution? This can only be heard or known if this motion is restored and debated.

The debt and the default in paying! The National Assembly must establish, as an oversight body over the executive, whether or not parliament was consulted as per Article 63 when these loans were being contracted.

Was this not a violation and breach of the constitution? This motion will help us appreciate why some MPs wants President Lungu impeached.

It is not a new thing to happen before elections. President Donald Trump was impeached a year before elections but survived.

So let the motion be restored and debated in the National Assembly.

I submit


  1. Truly mr Edgar Lungu should be impeached. The man either has no clue about the constitution of Zambia or he deliberately ignores it.

  2. Zambians be careful with politicians who put on a public pretense of bu humble! Be careful with leaders also who call for prayers for human Economic problems instead of calling for a public Indaba to brainstorm solutions to Economic problems the way wise Mwanawasa did!
    Bankrupting a nation and not seeking Parliament approval for debt contraction, let alone failing to make public the TRUE burden of debt, are enough grounds inter alia for impeachment! Many Zambian children will die or are already dying of Malnutrition because of ichipowe chansala because of gross economic mismanagement and wanton theft of public resources!


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