Wilson Kalumba


It is not wrong to criticise public offices or officers considering that they offer themselves to the public, but a funeral is a funeral.

There is no need to blame the public for their actions or words, used to express their disgust in the manner in which the deceased mayor conducted himself and the manner in which he oversaw the capital city of Zambia.

Whether he be in healthy condition or not, the public has the right to offer checks and balances in ensuring that our leaders fulfill the obligations of their office.

Although Mayor Wilson Kalumba failed to fulfill the obligations of his mandate, the public still has every right to express themselves on the untimely death of His Worship The Late Mayor of Lusaka.

It is not our duty as the public to ascertain his physical condition. We did however give him the ‘benefit of doubt’ to lead us despite any ailment he may have had.

Admittedly, Mayor Kalumba was a brave man in the midst of adversity. Lusaka faced the outbreak of cholera during his time, that in itself stands as proof. He still had three years to go before his term was to elapse, maybe things were going to change for the better during his administration.

Sadly, his untimely death has taken him away from fulfilling his election pledges.


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