tinene simbowe
Tinene Simbowe

Reflections on why zambia is still among the 20 poorest countries in the world . Why is zambia poor ? is it economic problems or political problems one may ask . Or maybe a good combination of both. Politics and economics work hand in hand because the Management of any economy is literally politics . who appoints the people manage the economy of a country ? The people . So if you think about it who is really responsible for the country’s downfall ? Both the people in power and those electing them . Democracy dynamics demand a majority in order to win . If the majority is choosing people making informed decisions the level of leadership quality would change . Now that we have that in place let’s get back to zambia . In a perfect world economics and politics would be totally separate then problems like corruption and theft of governments funds would be a myth . But we live in reality so we all know that isn’t the case .

The prices of goods and services are driven by the forces of unpredictable forces of demand and supply .without complicating things that means that things that people want the most generally cost more. So now that we have a bad economy at global capital level should raise serious concerns to every person with the curiosity to wonder why ??? why is zambia among developing countries and yet still in the bottom . This is because the measurements of the wealth an economy is measured by things like the unemployment rate , the number in the zambian population that have access to basic needs like water shelter and clothing . How big is the gap between a prime minister in zambia and a child in kalingalinga compound? Take Norway for example if we using capital measures of wealth at a global level we can use the number of people out of the entire population that doesn’t have access to basic needs water shelter and so on the numbers are very small compared to zambia.

Our problem is zambia being uneaqual wealth distribution. This means that the gap betweeen the rich and the poor is beyond average globally accepted levels . If People in zambia had the same access to scholarships and primary education then they would understand in whole what political leaders are doing with their futures when they come on Tv announcing the annual budget every year in academic language that not everyone will understand . And not academic economic terms they would know betters. They would understand what exactly taxes are being allocate to . Then they would realize that actually decisions made by political leaders affect us all at a domestic level , personal individual level. How is directly and indirectly affects their individual lives everyday year and future . What can you do for mother zambia? how much pride do you take in being zambian ? how much time do you use. helping people poorer than yourself ? And lastely why is it so hard to point at others making mistakes in capital management than making your opinion heard??? Thank you for your time .

Best Regards . Tinene simbowe former cbu student



  1. Ati Tinene – haaa! This cbu fellow does not understand the ignorance that exists among many Zambians , including herself with this article ? We Africans, this black skinned race is as stupid as the word itself ! Our race is said to be an awful sin under hean . Listen readers ; (1) Africans will choose a poor man to be their leader (2) Many of us have the ideas , but without power . (3) And those with power have no ideas at all . Please never ever say or think that Zambia is a poor country , its us who are poor in everything we think and do ! Check it up girl – AFRICANS – its awful sin to be one !


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