The wife to incarcerated United Party for National Development ( UPND) sympathizer Victor Siamuzoka has called the high authority to consider her pregnant status and release her dear husband on police bond as he waits to appear in court for allegedly insulting Edgar Lungu.

“This is my 9th month of being pregnant and I’m likely to deliver anytime soon, my husband is still behind bars without any charge nor taken to court”, she told the Fixing Team while crying.

The grieved mother of two further said that her husband is the breadwinner and she understands that he errored by sharing the post full of insults but still the state can speed up the process instead of keeping him in cells longer without charges.

Siamuzoka was arrested last week on Friday in Livingstone and later transferred to Lusaka Chelstone Police Post and up to now he hasn’t been charged.

The law of this land clearly states that a suspect will be charged and taken to court within 48 hours after the arrest was made.

The Fixing Team.


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