By Simon Mwewa Lane

It was the picture of a man, said to be in his mid forties by some social media, seemingly distraught at the persecution of his spiritual father, the 35 year old “So-called Prophet”

In the picture, a flood of tears are streaming down the cheeks of the unnamed man. His eyes are firmly shut and as he cries, he appears to also be in passionate prayer for a “So-Called Prophet”

Just like many of the prophet’s disciple that afternoon, the man in the picture seemed to be diluting his prayers with tears and at the exact moment when that picture was snapped his sun battered face seemed a perfect illustration of both faith and grief.

This man, probably a father to children of his own, was exhibiting for his spiritual father the kind of grief usually reserved by most for their biological parents. With the eyes of the world on that square outside the Pretoria Special Commercial Crimes Court, the cameras had found him and some might have wondered what his children, if he had any, thought of their father or what his parents, if they are still alive, thought of their son.

[ It was a picture that illustrated perfectly the CULT of personality Prophets.

“So-Called Prophets” are unique in that they subliminally teach their followers that anyone who speaks ill of them must face the wrath of God. Their followers are taught to send “fire” on the “So-called Prophet’s” opposers. Utter hogwash!

My admonition to The Government is to watch these Vagabonds closely. Don’t let them run AMOK.]


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