By Elias Munshya

I thought this was fake news until someone sent me a print out from one of the government newspapers.

The Minister of Religious Affairs has suspended a Ndola prophet who was allegedly caught in a motor vehicle having s*x. The Minister is saying this Prophet Yakobo Yakobo cannot preach for now.

I am not sure whether there is actual proof of this. But even if there was proof of it, the country’s minister of religious affairs has no powers whether at law or common sense to ban an allegedly sinful pastor from preaching or conducting religious ceremonies.

I am urging Yakobo or his church to completely ignore the directions from this Minister of Religious Affairs. If Yakobo has committed a crime, he must be arrested and prosecuted for it. If Yakobo has done something unethical or violated the Bible, let his church hold him accountable. It is not the place of government to take over the discipline of erring religious leaders. Government has no competence to discipline church members or church leaders.





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