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Yesterday, the 26th day of January, 2019 marked 39 years since One of Zambia’s Independence heroes and former Republican Vice President Mr. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe went to be with the Lord.

For me, Mr Kapwepwe was more than an Independence hero. He was an Uncle who became a Mentor. I am privileged to hail from the same historic district of Chinsali with him. Growing up, we looked up to him for the role he played as Republican Vice President and the courage he exhibited when he resigned because of his conscience. He resigned because he would not in good faith continue beholding the shortfalls that were happening in the first republic. Kapwepwe went a step further and formed a party called the United Progressive Party (UPP) that would further enrich the Democratic agenda of the country.

As a faithful student, I am blessed that I once stepped in his shoes to become Republican Vice President and further to that, I am currently leading a Party that is the custodian of Democracy in the land.

As a young person before I got saved, I always used to ask myself what the motivation was behind Ba Kapwepwe’s Non violence belief and his iconic chitenge rapy. But during my recent trip to India the pieces all came together. Mr Kapwepwe had gone to India to do his tertiary education before independence where he met Mahatma Ghandi who greatly influenced him in both ideology and dressing.

Today, as we turn another page of the great Kapwepwe memory, let us reflect on his great value system which highlights; The supremacy of service to the Nation, The privilege of leadership to serve fellow citizens, his devotion to democatic ideals, the welfare of the state, nationalism, rule of law and Pan Africanism. Let us use this memory as a stepping stone to get inspiration to do our part for mother Zambia and *in doing so let us consider the importance of leaving behind, not necessarily easy, but clear and inspirational footprints for the next generation of leaders.*


  1. Multi Party Democracy without violence should prevail in our country, Zambia.
    Ukwabula ipasase
    We all must remember that it is a service we give to our country and we must rule in accordance to our own written laws. In politics, dialogue is very important. It helps people to move forward without ipasase.


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