For those of you that are young and are watching in horror as the republican constitution is being mutilated by President Edgar Lungu and the PF, you may want to know that this is not the first time Zambia is experiencing such a predicament.

It has happened several times before where an incumbent president has tried to extend their stay in power by altering the Republican Constitution. Lungu is not the first, and he will not be the last one to try.

In 2001, then President Frederick Chiluba attempted to amend the constitution to allow him to stay in office for a third term and in perpetuity. Chiluba who was mired in corruption , just like the incumbent we have today was afraid to leave office because of the trail of corruption and illegalities he was going to leave in his tracks.

Chiluba had the numbers in parliament to amend the constitution.

Zambians were beginning to lose hope because it looked like the third term amendment was going to go through.

Then an unlikely hero came forward, it was Chiluba’s Vice President Lt General Christon Tembo.

Gen Tembo led a group of cabinet ministers and MPs that rebelled against Chiluba and put an end to his third term bid. They blocked the attempted amendment to turn Zambia into a dictatorship.

Gen Tembo was a sitting Vice President when he did this, he had been Vice Presidential for 4 years when he did this.

Gen Tembo sacrificed the comfort and luxury of being Vice President to defend the Republican constitution and to defend democracy.

Today we celebrate and honour the life of this great son of the soil Gen Tembo.

As we go through the dark days of Bill 10, we hope that a few PF MP’S can se the light and do what is right by the Zambian people, they should emulate the courage of Gen Christon Tembo, they should vote against Bill 10, even if it means sacrificing their standing with their party. The people of Zambia will reward those who do that which is right.



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