NATIONAL Democratic Congress youth chairperson Charles Kabwita has urged all parents, NGOs, church, and the all citizens to join in the July 13 protests to demand the reopening of CBU. In a statement, Kabwita, a former PF counsellor, said his party and the country were worried about the conspicuous silence by government over the continued closure of the Copperbelt University. He said the government’s adamancy over the closure of the Kitwe based learning institution spoke volumes and breed suspicion.

He said regardless of the calls, CBU remained closed because the treasury was depleted. Kabwita added that there was nothing political in demanding the reopening of the institution. He said the demonstration would be held this Saturday, July 13.

“We are now compelled to conclude that government has no money to run the institution. This government has no money to pay students their allowances. Why else can government consistently fail to open the university despite the public outcry if it isn’t for the lack of money? The PF government is broke, period. The treasury is depleted no wonder CBU remains closed,” Kabwita stated.

“As NDC, we want to restate that we shall go ahead with the planned demonstrations demanding the immediate reopening of CBU. We urge all parents, NGOs, the church and the citizens at large to join the NDC in these protests. …We further demand for the reinstatement of all expelled student union leaders at CBU.”

Kabwita stated that higher education minister Nkandu Luo should vacate office on moral grounds for failing to preside over the affairs of CBU.

“We are equally worried that none of the serving parliamentarians in Kitwe are calling for the reopening of CBU,” he stated.

In April, Prof Luo announced the indefinite closure of the Copper University.

She further went on to suspend all union activities at the university.

Prof Luo also banned all union activities at the Copperbelt University further directing that all students leave the university campus by 18:00 hours of April 6.


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