Laura Miti

THE Patriotic Front must replace President Edgar Lungu as the party’s candidate for the 2021 general election or face defeat, Alliance for Community Action Laura Miti has advised. Miti said the PF must not only direct its worries towards the opposition UPND/NDC alliance. Commenting on the PF’s humiliating defeat in the Roan Constituency parliamentary by-election at the hands of Chishimba Kambwili’s National Democratic Congress (NDC), Miti in a Facebook posting said PF had now found a good reason to destroy the opposition alliance, which could hand the ruling party defeat in the 2021 general elections.

But Miti pointed out that PF’s biggest source of headache should be President Lungu who according to her had two major handicaps going into the 2021 general elections. She said the first handicap of President Lungu was inept presidency, which had toughened life for everyday Zambians.

“Zambia is worse off having elected Edgar and that truth is felt most in citizen’s pockets. Explaining away hungry stomachs, unpaid salaries and children out of school will take up much 2021 time for the PF if they are trying to convince voters to re-elect the person responsible for the pain,” Miti wrote.

She further observed that President Lungu lacked a personal constituency to offer a campaign.

“That means he has to continually be carried into major elections. Because EL is a front for all manner of dodgy interests who himself brings no shine to the jewel box, PF has to spend too much energy convincing citizens that the brass they see is gold,” she stated.

Miti said President Lungu’s ineptness was brought to the fore in the Roan Constituency by-election as he had no idea of how to retain the seat. She said President Lungu had no personal strategy but depended entirely on what the campaign team decided.

“That team ill-advisedly decided to show off and throw money at an angry town and the President went with it. When it came to personal clout, EL was beaten hands down by Kambwili. He arrived in a town in which Kambwili is king and thought he could help the ruling party candidate by insulting that king and dancing. So he insulted and danced and insulted and danced some more,” Laura stated.

She said President Lungu’s ineptness and lack of strategy was what had caused PF members to be in deep mourning over the Roan Constituency loss. She advised the PF to think beyond winning back our “prodigal sons” like Kambwili if they wanted 2021 to be easier. Miti observed that Kambwili would probably have no appetite for going back to the PF just to carry President Lungu’s “dead weight again.”

“My sense is the frontier that the PF are scared to broach is the one that is most strategic for 2021. They need to lose EL and replace him with someone who can convince Zambians he can steady this country. EL has nothing more to give than he brought to Roan. That should be a depressing thought for PF,” she said.

Miti also observed that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema already had a much grown support on the Copperbelt adding that “a campaign machine called Kambwili and PF is on the back foot.”

“All that said, I would suggest to the PF (as I have done before) that the big problem they sit with right now is not HH, Kambwili or the possibility of a mutually beneficial business deal between them or any other opposition actors,” stated Miti.


  1. Why waste your time advising a dead wood Laura.its done kwasila there is no turning back unless they do a complete overhaul because it’s not only lungu but everyone from the common cadre to the highest official in pf are arrogant to the people.they are worse than MMD.


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