Tasila Lungu

Southern Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Mwangala Liomba has called on Government Officials in Monze District to be committed to their duties and ignore those who purport to have connections with the Head of State.

And the PS has advised the district heads of departments that such individuals should be reported to his office.

He urged contractors and the Strengthening Climate Resilience In The Kafue Sub-Basin (SCRIKA) District Implementation Team to complete and hand over the projects to the community as scheduled without any further delay.

Speaking when he met the District SCRIKA Implementation Team in the presence of the Council Chairperson and the District Commissioner, Mr. Liomba urged the team to report anyone who goes to their offices using the name of the President with intent to gain advantage over others as well as threaten workers into giving them things.

The PS’s remarks come in the wake of some contractors’ failure to complete projects and a relaxed supervision by the District Implementation Team.

He explained that those incharge of resources risk being seen as saboteurs of government development policies when the money which is sent to the District is not seen to be producing results.

“…….If 9 boreholes are not delivered, you know other people will stand on a platform to ask for a fresh mandate but if water was not delivered someone would say we told you that this man is a liar he promised you water but water is not here then someone will say but I gave money to Monze why haven’t they done so? How are we going to be seen? We will be seen as people who are sabotaging government programs. We will be seen as saboteurs. We will be seen as people who are working against the government policies so that is why it is important that when we are given these moneys which are reaching us by trust, we must deliver.”

“If we have challenges we know where to report. I have been appointed by the President, I talk to him when there is need so if there is somebody who would is using the name of the President in vain let me know. We will tell the President that here is somebody masquerading as your relative coming to deceive people,” he said.

He told officials in the district to be mindful that they were just custodians of the resources of the people of Monze hence the need to ensure that resources are prudently utilised.

“…secondly we must all know and appreciate that we are but just custodians, we are merely stewards of resources on behalf of the people of Monze. We are holding these resources on behalf of Monze people and Monze people expect the government to deliver on its promises and those to deliver on behalf of government is you and me,” he said.

He further called on the Council Chairperson and the District Commissioner to take up leadership and take charge of the development projects in the district so as to ensure that resources are channelled towards what is budgeted for.

He said as fathers of the district it was in their best interest to ensure that development trickled down to the needy in society especially that government was willing to distribute resources to all corners of the country.


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