Jack Mwiimbu

The United Party for National Development says reports linking its Chairperson for Legal Affairs Jack Mwiimbu to theft of party funds are false.

The UPND has not found any evidence of stolen money after going through its books of account that could be linked to Mr. Mwiimbu, according to Charles Kakoma the Party spokesperson.

Mr. Kakoma said the party has learnt of the reports with dismay as Mr. Mwiimbu has never signed for the collection of any legal fees meant for the payment of other lawyers.

He explained that lawyers who some people think are Party lawyers hired to represent UPND in court are in fact volunteers who have offered themselves to assist the Party and do not demand for legal fees.

Mr. Mwiimbu however clarified that from time to time, the Party has been assisting them with logistics such as accommodation, food and fuel to attend to cases outside their home towns.

He said the Legal Department has set up a team of lawyers who have selected their own treasurer to disburse the little funds for their logistics. Hon Mwiimbu is not the Treasurer of this group and is not a member of the team disbursing these little funds.

Mr. Kakoma said it is therefore malicious to accuse Mr. Mwiimbu of stealing legal fees meant for other lawyers.

He said Mr. Mwiimbu has built a good reputation over the years and is a prominent lawyer, Member of Parliament for Monze Central and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

Mr. Kakoma said the UPND would not allow his reputation to be brought into disrepute by people who are either disgruntled and without facts or are agents of destabilization of the UPND.

He has warned such characters to stop their activities or risk being sued by Mr. Mwiimbu for defamation of character and has advised Zambians to ignore the malicious social media reports linking Mr. Mwiimbu to theft of party funds meant for other lawyers defending the UPND in various court cases.


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