Tiza Mukuka - Youth Advocate

Celebrated Representative Of All Zambian Youths Tiza Mukuka Wants Meal Allowances AT UNZA,CBU Abolished

Tiza Mukuka is the incoming MP in Chililabombwe in 202.

He writes;

Speaking on behalf of youths, a plea call is being made to the PF government to abolish meal allowances at the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University as this move will allow government to accommodate more students on bursary.

However, government should only take the responsibility of tuition fees, project fees and accommodation.

As a national youth advocate, I observed that delayed payment of meal allowances is the key cause and source of unrest at institutions of higher learning especially the University of Zambia.

There’s need for the government starting January 2019 to abolish the payment of the stipend next year so that students should begin surviving on their own.

The most recent tragedy which occurred at the University of Zambia was terrible and all UNZA students were responsible for causing death on the innocent fourth year student who died during the rioting incidence.

As a youth advocate, I want to advise and caution all students at the university of Zambia that rioting is never the best way to solve problems and it’s illegal as well as a punishable offense. In that matter, University of Zambia students needed to seek an audience with management through their respective student Union President or representative so that a dialogue could occur to address late payments.

I also want to caution and advise all students at higher learning institutions in Zambia to stay away from active politics which occur in the country because some students think that they are politicians when they take part in student union politics, that’s child play and not close to actual politics.

In the incoming 2021 general elections, any student who accepts to be used by politicians to catalyze violence in a manner a named opposition party used UNZA students to riot and caused the death of Vespers should quickly be sent away from school and prosecuted upon arrest by Zambia police.

Zambia police should set up individuals in all campuses to spot any student wearing any political party regalia, so that they can quickly be arrested and sent away from school because such are the ones who accept to be used by political parties to ignite violence.




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