By Staff Reporter

EMMANUEL Munaile has advised FAZ executive committee members unwilling to work with others to resign.

FAZ has recently been engulfed in wrangles following president Andrew Kamanga’s decision to suspend his vice, Richard Kazala, and committee member Blackwell Siwale for alleged misappropriation of K150,000 meant for match tickets.

Kazala has created a WhatsApp group called ‘We love football’ where he has added Kamanga to ridicule him.

On the group, Kazala has threatened to deal with Kamanga if he does not clear him of the alleged misappropriation of funds and has gone on to declare himself the legitimate FAZ president, urging councillors to oust Kamanga at next year’s annual general meeting.

But Munalie, who resigned as vice-president when Kalusha Bwalya was FAZ president, said football should take precedence over personal matters.

“Football is bigger than both of them. Resign and leave football to those that are willing to develop it. Some of us resigned when we did not agree with the leadership. We did not go to the media to demean our superiors or insult each other,” Munaile said.

He advised Kazala to clear his name over the allegations before mounting a campaign to impeach Kamanga.

“The president did not just wake up to suspend Kazala; he had reasons and Kazala must clear his name. In the absence of him clearing his name, he has no basis for calling for an impeachment of Kamanga,” Munaile said.

He said the FAZ constitution provided an avenue for the resolution of conflicts.

Munaile said it was unfortunate that even the counsel of the sports minister and Republican President had been ignored.

President Edgar Lungu called for dialogue in FAZ with sports minister Moses Mawere advising Kazala to respect his superior and resolve his grievances in a sober manner.



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