BISHOP John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo

RESPECT citizens for you to serve for more years, failure to which prepare yourselves a goodbye, Civil Society for Constitutional Agenda chairperson Bishop John Mambo has advised the PF government.

Bishop Mambo says the Patriotic Front introduced the confused National Dialogue Forum to prolong and consolidate its stay in power.
The Chikondi Foundation president said Zambians have been insulted enough by those in power.
He said people must stop the PF’s plans to change the Constitution before they sink the country.

“I was a member of the Mun’gomba Constitutional Review Commission. People spoke, we cannot insult them. Zambians have been insulted enough. In the Bible they say respect the parents so that you can live longer. In this case, I am saying respect the citizens of the country so that they can give you months and years for you to serve failure to which prepare yourself a goodbye,” Bishop Mambo said.


“This confusion of NDF is to prolong the PF’s stay in power so that they can consolidate themselves. It is a [Robert] Mugabe way of doing things. By the time every reasoning Zambian will come to agree with us, there will be no Zambia anymore. As a country we must do away with this thing. We don’t want it.”
Bishop Mambo cautioned the PF to stop the abuse as power belongs to the people who voted them into office.

He said Zambia was not an animal farm where PF should see themselves more powerful than the citizens who gave them the power.
“Those of us who said this NDF 2019 constitution bill was a ploy by the PF government to taste the waters; meaning it was merely an academic exercise, before we waste resource, energy, before they insult more Zambia, it is better they stop it now,” Bishop Mambo said.


“Those who feel so strong about it must join the call out for the yellow card campaign on Saturday [today] and show them that they are hired in those positions. You did not impose yourself, it’s not your own farm, it is not your company, but it is a country you are running, but you want to run the country as if it’s animals farm where all is equal, but others are more equal than others, no. It is time now Zambian must stop this.”


Bishop Mambo said Zambia should not reach the level of Sudan or Malawi.
“We should not reach the position of our neighbours Malawi, no. It is now that they must stop this confusion,” he said.
Bishop Mambo applauded the Law Association of Zambia for resolving to take the NDF matter to court.

He said all well-meaning Zambians should support LAZ for taking interest in the matter that would affect citizens.
“LAZ for some time was under intensive care, now they have wakened up to say if they cannot help us, where is the country heading to? Where are they going to operate and practice law? They have realised the danger, so it is up to us now to judge the conscience of the bench at the Constitutional Court. Are they for the people of Zambia or they are for themselves?” asked Bishop Mambo.


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