MEN and women in uniform need to teach the PF a lesson in 2021 because they don’t mean well for Zambians, says retired ZAF officers.

On January 30, ZAF sources in Livingstone told The Mast that the government, through the air force command, was misinterpreting The Public Service Division’s circular number B210F of November 22, 2018 and was intending to remove retired officers from the payroll.
“The ZAF command met…and is planning to remove those that retired voluntarily after serving 10 years or more in ZAF as per requirements of the Defence Act Cap 106 from the payroll saying that they did not retire. This is unconstitutional. We appeal to the ZAF Command to do what is right instead of going against the Republican Constitution with regards the retirement clause,” one officer said at that time.

The officers revealed that there were three types of retirements under the Defence Act Cap 106 being voluntary, involuntary and mandatory.

In an interview, the retired officers revealed that the frmer officers have finally been removed from the payroll.

“We have a lot of commitments and we need to fulfill them. We have children who are in school and we have bills to settle. We now realise that death is a bad curse sent on us by the devil, our late Head of State Michael Sata would not have allowed this to happen to any Zambian who diligently has served the nation with dignity and honour. We are the protectors of the Constitution but get this treatment from the PF; they have knocked us out of the payroll and we are now at the mercy of poverty. The country has gone to the dogs,” the officers complained.

Another warned officers still serving that the PF does not mean well for them or the plight of the Zambians.

“We have always been protecting the ruling party during elections but I now think that the officers in uniform need to teach the PF a lesson in 2021. The men and women in uniform need to turn to the ballot paper and not look at anything in Green, in form of a boat, it’s better to blow it out of the sky. Let’s get them out of government if we want decent lives,” said another retired ZAF officer.


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