Dear Editor

Why are you wasting your time to try and control some people who don’t think?

Let me tell you this: Clance became an enemy to Simon Mulenga Mwila because she told him who he is, that he is gay.

Him and Seer 1 have one thing in common, they are both gay that is why they wear those tight clothes and hanged around together… These chaps were romantically involved together in this gayism movement which has become rampant and common amongst many of these Zambians who wear tight clothes.

Simon Mulenga Mwila is even proud of himself a gay. He could even take pictures standing next to his gay partner Seer 1 yet you will never see him standing next to his girlfriend… Information on the ground is that Seer used to tore his butt apart before he was deported. The whole Seer 1 deportation story is mere fraud – Seer 1 was deported because he used to hump that guy Simon Mulenga Mwila. This is what Clance told Simon blatantly such that he never liked her, he can’t stand her even in her death.

When Simon says Clance had no respect, he meant this. She told him the truth day in day out that is why he says his reputation was damaged. He makes most of his money through being gay.

Soldier Bwayi, Chilenje Lusaka


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