We are not at all surprised that Mr Edgar Lungu can fire a competent FIC Board, and with a lot of fanfare appoint a new one only to dismiss its Chairman 24 hrs later. Mr George Chilengwe Siame who replaced Mr John Kasanga as new FIC Board Chairman has been fired even before chairing a board meeting.

The question on the mind of citizens is, what exactly is going on with this government? When is this PF circus going to end? The PF must immediately stop insulting the collective intelligence of Zambians.

Where is the competence of necessary organs and individuals, vested with responsibilities to carry out critical and unbiased background checks, on people that are appointed to head crucial government portfolios that have implications on the security of our nation?

What reputation remains with Mr Edgar Lungu if he cannot correctly discern and attract a competent human resource base to help him drive the public agenda?

This is the result when a government retires in national interest an experienced and competent civil service and replaces it with political cadres whose interest is only their belly and not the service of citizens.

Fellow citizens, you are yet to see more drama from this chipante pante government. For us in the UPND, governance is a serious business and once entrusted with this sacred responsibility, we will strive to serve the Zambian people with passion and excellence.




  1. Why not wait until you get full details of the revocation before issuing your coments? HH’s tragedy is to turn every situation into a campaign tool and that’s where he gets it all wrong. A true leader exercises true patience.


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