– Rupiah Banda to grace the occasion.
– Campaign is expected to petition PF to posthumously restore Chiluba’s immunity.

Late President Fredrick Chiluba’s press aide and proprietor of the pro PF Newspaper the ‘Daily Nation’, is this afternoon at Mulungushi International Centre, expected to begin a campaign to posthumously honour late President Fredrick Chiluba by demanding that his immunity that was enforced by Parliament under late President Levy Mwanawasa be restored.

Richard Sakala who himself was convicted and served a jail term for corruption, under Mwanawasa has invited former President Rupiah Banda to address the forum.

Richard Sakala runs a tabloid that the current Government has used to spearhead an anti Tonga tribal agenda in an attempt to disadvantage UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, who hails from a Tonga speaking region in the Southern part of the Country.

The ‘Daily Nation’ is also a main beneficiary of the liquidation of the ‘Post’ Newspaper through printing equipment that is believed to have been dubiously auctioned to the paper at give away prices.

Under his Presidency, Rupiah Banda had initiated the process of restoring the immunity of late Chiluba and at one time described him as a “damn good President”.

Banda however lost his presidency to Micheal Sata who in turn lifted the former’s immunity and lumped him with a plethora of criminal charges that saw him in court most of his successor’s term of office until his demise.

President Edgar Lungu subsequently restored Banda’s immunity resulting in all criminal charges being promptly dropped.

Owing to the sullied background of both former President Rupiah Banda and Richard Sakala in the area of corruption, the forum at Mulungushi International Conference Centre will be viewed as a discredited venture by two men who themselves have huge skeletons concealed in their own closets, attempting to launder the image of an equally tainted personality of late the President Chiluba.


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