To all out there who still don’t understand why cbu students are rioting .following some government officials and news reporters stating that students are rioting because they failed the continuous assessment tests this is true but without explanation. the issue is that.

1.students were not allowed to sit for their examination because of failing to pay 80%of their tuition fees. what they should know is that not every one is from a rich family and most of those students that fail to pay are the only bread winners in their families ,now imagine shutting the dreams of a bread winner. no pit for the poor.

2.It sounds so easy out there that a student has failed to get a 50%CA ,mind you this policy was just copied from Harvard university one of the best university in the world .this university has perfect learning facilities that a student needs,comparing to cbu.
1.the university has no laboratory in some campuses (not even test tube .kapasa makasa campus example)

2.the university has poor WI-FI for students to access internet.
3.some campuses of cbu have no library e.g kapasa makasa campus(I mean not even 1 book)

4.lastly, campus like kapasa makasa campus has shortage of lecturers with reason block learning is used of which a lecturer lectures only for two weeks compressing what is to be lectured in 3 month.can a student have a chance to research within this Short time?and write some assisiments?

With all these problem and some not mentioned then they expect us students to reach that standard.I SAY NO TO THESE POLICIES BECAUSE AM NOT FROM A REACH FAMILY AND I DON’T HAVE PROPER LEARNING FACILITIES.




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