By Julia Malunga,

VICE-PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango says road blocks should be considered again, not as a measure to inconvenience people, but to ensure that there is enforcement of the law on public roads.

Speaking during the burial ceremony of the victims of an accident which occurred last week on the Chingwere Road junction along Great North Road, Vice-President Nalumango said there was need for routine checks on the roads to ensure that people were driving properly.

“Whilst having reduced physical presence, remember there was an outcry of too many road blocks on the road and this has reduced the presence of both the Zambia Police and Road Transport and Safety Agency to conduct scaled up traffic law enforcement. This now should be considered again as something that we should look at so that there is routine check on the road to ensure that our people are driving properly, not to inconvenience the people but to ensure there is enforcement of law on public roads,” she said.

Vice-President Nalamango said government was concerned about the manner in which public transport drivers disregarded traffic rules.

“As government, we are concerned with the manner in which public transport drivers are disregarding traffic rules and regulations with impunity. A situation which has resulted in loss of lives. It is almost daily that we hear of these accidents that we could avoid if due care was taken. I wish to remind public transport drivers of their obligations to safeguard the lives of the travelling public by not over speeding considering the high level of responsibility they assume as they carry masses on board,” she said.

“We wish therefore to caution public transport drivers and operators to comply with the traffic regulations in a bid to avoid people negligently dying from road accidents which could be avoided. As a government, we wish to extend our message of condolences to the bereaved families and wish the injured a quick recovery. Let me specifically say the President sends his message of condolences to the bereaved family and to all Zambians because this is a disaster when you lose so many lives.”

Vice-President Nalumango said a dark cloud had been cast over the country by a road accident which could have been avoided.

“A dark cloud has yet again been cast over our country because we have lost our dear ones due to a road traffic accident which would have been otherwise avoided. Investigations conducted by the Road Transport and Safety Agency to establish the cause of the Chingwere turn off road traffic accident in which nine lives have been lost and several sustained serious injuries revealed that the crash was caused by the driver’s negligence and excessive speed.

The deceased are seven adults and two infants. The investigation reports indicate that the accident happened on Saturday evening 9th October, 2021 along the Great North Road. The accident’s investigations have established that the driver of the truck did drive without reasonable due care to other road users by failing to keep to his lane, failed to control the vehicle and was driving at excessive speed in built up area resulting in the loss of lives,” said Vice-President Nalumango.

“The reports have further revealed that circumstances leaving to the road crush indicate that the accident occurred when the driver of the truck who was driving from Northern to Southern direction swerved to the right side lane to avoid colliding with the Hiace bus that had wrongly changed lanes and in the process lost control of the truck.”244713571_273409444786469_5186110352284379940_n




  1. Madam VP, its not the presence of traffic officers that can reduce accidents. Those police officers are/were just on the roads to solicit for money from motorist. Public transport drivers have no regard for road laws with or without police officers on the road. After all they are the biggest culprits in bribing the police. Let the police continue with motorised patrols. We don’t want those inconveniences and silly charges on the roads that characterized road check points. The check points are a recipe for corruption.

  2. I think this excuse of soliciting for Monet is over stretched. This can be easily curbed by firing anyone doing this. What the Vice President is saying makes sense.

    Don’t attack a good thing just because of a few bad police officers. Fix the problem and plug the holes.

    We encourage you to consult widely on this some of us never experienced these demands for money. We were law abiding citizens. And if one tried any way we would report such to higher authorities in the police force. Back in PF this did not mean anything but now there is political will to prosecute the officers who break the law.

    I really feel this decision should have be properly considered with the in put of order law enforcement agencies. So yes address this issue.

    In fact let those affected by the solicitatiin of funds from corrupt officers come forward and point them out. Provide evidence and action will be taken against the corrupt officers.

    This bad decision is causing citizens to attack the traffic officers for controlling traffic during peak hours. This is sensible. Let’s make proper decisions not emotional decisions.

  3. Bringing back road blocks to avoid accidents don’t make sense. During the pf, we can all agree that there were roadblocks all over the country. At the same time we can also agree that there were lots and lots of accidents involving long distance buses killing a lot of people. So why were these accidents happening when there were road blocks every couple of kilometres? Please let us not use this 1 accident as an excuse to start these roadblocks which were a manice to our people and the cops were collecting the little money people had on flimsy grounds, not forgetting all the congestion they were creating. Please let’s not go in reverse. We suffered enough during pf, so let’s move forward in peace.


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