“Totally apologise for offending you all. My thoughts were on the messsge (sic) of the song, nothing more. Like mentioned, I am not a supporter of any violence against, women children or another fellow being. God bless you all. My apologies. Thank You. Roberto”

This is an apology written to his fans and Twitter followers by Robert Banda an award winning Zambian artist better known by his stage name of ROBERTO.

The ‘Amarula’ and ‘Beautiful’ star touched a raw nerve of his fans when he praised controversial ex-convict and fellow musician General KANENE (real name Clifford Dimba) for his latest and still controversial offering titled “SANDUKA HULE” loosely translated as “Become a Prostitute”.

Banda argued that despite Dimba’s past and the eyebrow raising title to his new track, he had an important message to convey.

“GENERAL KANENE has been of course
on the wrong side of law on a number of
occasions. Truth be told, he’s new song
has got quite a message. Let’s put the
artist name + song title aside, and pay
attention to the messsge in the new
song. Very educative if you ask me.” Banda wrote.

But the furore and backlash generated by this tweet forced Banda to not only apologise but delete it.

Fans accused him of giving a platform to a ‘rapist’ and ‘abuser’.


Replying to @RobertoZambia and @Badman_Shapi

No, the whole point of cancelling a rapist is to not give him the platform to share any information, to not give him any attention because that’s enabling him, making it seem like all he need to do is spread some good words and it’s okay, you must THINK.

7:13 pm · 6 Oct 2019·Twitter for iPhone

@natasha_chuza Replying to @RobertoZambia

people on this thread talking about moving on makes you realize how lightly they think of rape. Do y’all know how f****d up rape is? How f****d up you have to be to pin someone down penetrate them whilst they struggle to break free and scream in pain?

10:54 PM · Oct 6, 2019·Twitter Web App

@ChandBwalya Replying to @RobertoZambia

The fact that the artist in question wronged at some point doesn’t mean he will never do good. Am just from listening to the song and like you said, it is very educative. Acknowledging the Sense in an act doesn’t mean endorsing every wrong one did in the past. No apology needed

7:41 PM · Oct 6, 2019·Twitter for Android

Replying to @Peter2Nyendwa and @RobertoZambia

Move on? Are u dumb or what? Rape is a crime that must tag forever. Artist or not, it must tag.

10:15 PM · Oct 6, 2019·Twitter for Android

@Angela10421845 Replying to @RobertoZambia

R u insane???!! Boy bye! what if that was a female you knew personally huh???!!!get it together please

6:11 PM · Oct 6, 2019·Twitter Web App

@MauaFlora Replying to @GChutu and

People are having a negative reaction to it because Roberto was encouraging people to listen to the music OF A RAPIST AND ABUSER !!!!!



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