Ronald Chitotela


By Koswe in State Lodge.
President Edgar Lungu’s possible successor Ronald Chitotela has built himself a double the size of Intercontinental Hotel mansion in State Lodge using funds suspected to be proceeds of crime and corruption.

The mansion is covered by a thick and skyward wall which many are now calling as Walls of Jericho.

The Minister who is in charge of Roads Development and contracts is said to have spent millions of dollars in constructing the same.

He hired the Chinese contractors and a check by Koswe found some of them still doing final touches.

Chitotela is named in the Financial Intelligence Center report of 2018 as being one of those that have stolen huge sums of money from government.

Law enforcement agencies have tried to underpin Chitotela but President Lungu has always come to his defense.

Several calls to have Chitotela fired have been made by the public but Lungu has refused to do.

Koswe investigations reveal that Lungu will never fire Chitotela because of their deep corruption deals made and they continue to make.

Chitotela in his circles calls himself the next President of Zambia and cadres that he awashes with corruption money address him as His Excellency, RKC.

Chitotela before being a politician, he was a traffic police officer and mounted several roadblocks along busy roads.

Source: Koswe



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