Police say Rupiah Banda aged 26 has sustained multiple severe burns after grass thatched make shift huts caught fire and goods worth millions of kwacha destroyed in the inferno.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says the incident happened in Mazabuka following a report of a fire incident from Wisdom Hamakando aged 36 years of Chimwaikila fishing village.

Ms. Katongo says this occurred on 11th October, 2019 at around 23:00hours at the above mentined fishing camp.

“It was reported that on the material date and time, the victim and his colleague Tom other names not known came from a drinking spree and begun cooking food from one of the huts, now gutted, using firewood inside the thatched hut.

Ruphiah Banda had fallen asleep and was only awakened by the heat which was eminating from burning structure whose roof was crumbling inside.” She said.


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