A 7 year old boy of Kawama Township in Kitwe who was beaten to death by his peers will finally be put to rest today. Festus Kalela died on Wednesday after 4 of his classmates beat him to death while coming from school. It is alleged that the 4 boys, one aged 8, two aged 7 and one aged 6 were annoyed when Festus the class-monitor, booked them down as noise makers who were told to pick papers as punishment. And upon knocking off, the young criminals teamed up and beat Festus, the class monitor to death.

Hospital authorities said the boy was convulsing the time he was brought at the hospital and later died from the Intensive Care Unit, ICU, after efforts to resuscitate him failed.

Kitwe district Commissioner Binwell Mpundu,said the body of the boy is lying in the Kitwe Teaching Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem. And Mr Mpundu, who has described the incident as saddening, wondered how children below the age of ten could beat a peer to death.

He said it was sad that children could be so savagely at such a tender age.

But according to Zambian law, these 4 young murderers cannot be arrested or prosecuted as they are under the age of 10. So they have no case to answer.

Festus, May Your Soul Rest In Peace!



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